General Admission List as at 20TH JUL, 2018
1 Accountancy View
2 Agric Engineering View
3 Architecture View
4 Banking and Finance View
5 Building Technology View
6 Business Management View
7 Certificate in Basic French View
8 Certificate in Block Moulding View
9 Certificate in Capentering and Jionery View
10 Certificate in Computer Applications View
11 Certificate in Computer Technology View
12 Certificate in Confectionary and Cookery View
13 Certificate in Desktop Publishing View
14 Certificate in Fashion and Design View
15 Certificate in Film and Media Production View
16 Certificate in Graphics Arts View
17 Certificate in Plumbing View
18 Certificate in Professional Computer Certification View
19 Certificate in UAV in Piloting and Data Handling View
20 Certificate in Welding and Fabrication View
21 Chemical Engineering View
22 Civil Engineering View
23 Computer Engineering Technology View
24 Computer Science View
25 Electrical and Electronics View
26 Estate Management View
27 Industrial Safety & Environmental Engr. View
28 Mass Communication View
29 Mechanical Engineering View
30 Mechtronics View
31 PREHND View
32 PREND View
33 PREND (Biu) View
34 Public Administration View
35 Quantity Surveying View
36 Renewable Energy View
37 Science Lab. Tech View
38 Statistics View
39 Survey and Geo-informatics View
40 Urban and Regional Planning View